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© Adrian Mugridge (2012)
On her back
By the stairs
Flopped down
The is Willow, she’s about 4 years old and very small. She used to belong to  someone else but they did not want to keep her anymore so we adopated her  form The Cats Protection League.  She’s a very energetic cat, charging around the house and likes to race you up  the stairs. When she gets half way up, she’ll wait until you catch up and then  bound to the top.  Willows spends half her time inside, either lying on the bed or a dining room  chair, or else hiding in the garden. She does not often leave the garden,  sometimes she we depart via a upstairs window and then return shortly  afterwards via her flap.  When you enter a room she will roll on to her back in order that you can make a  fuss of her, but when you leave, she’ll often continue to stay on her back and  sometimes sleeps in that position as well.