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WinCC SCADA United Utilities Project Overview Porting and re-design of existing FIX32 to WinCC. Platform Two SCADA Servers in Master/Standby configuration, running on Windows 2008 Server. Three SCADA Clients ( clients without project ) running on Windows 7. One Engineering Workstation running on Windows XP. Communications Ethernet connection to 1234 Siemens S7-300 PLCs, acheived by WinCC comms Ethernet connection to PACS radio communications via Kepware OPC Server Ethernet connection to Allen Bradley SLC-500s Ethernet connection TI PLCs Graphics 3 off Client View nodes, each with dual HD monitors. Process mimics are displayed on the first monitor, and either alarm information or trend displays are shown on the second. Implementation A number of VBA tools were produced within WinCC which allowed for significant degree of configuration via data held in an Excel spreadsheet. For example: Trends Graphics. The tags for each trend display were read from Excel, and then a mimic was automatically produced which was then populated by the VBA to pass the tags, ranges, units and descriptions to a single trend mimic:  
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