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More Sleeping
In a drawer
Favourite place
Another favoured spot
Close up
Hard stare
We're owned Boo for 10 years, since she was 7, until she died when she was  17. She used to belong to a neighbour, but one day she wondered in and was  unwilling to leave.  Her previous owner was moving house so she ended up  moving in.   She used to nose around the house and sometimes could be found  sat on the loo seat trying to drink out of it.  She also used to sit by the computer  keyboard and chased my hands around the keyboard and mouse.   Once I was  working in the loft and she climbed up the step ladder and leaped thought the  loft hatch and spent 30 minutes exploring the pipes and the water tank.  She  had to be lowered down in her basket after tempting here into it with biscuits.   Her favourite spots were the bench on the patio, under the pear tree, on the  fence, or on the shed roof.  She was not a hugely energetic cat, and was sometimes rather staid and aloof.  She would always come and sit next to you, normally on the arm of the settee,  but never on you, she was not a lap-cat !  About a year before she died, she lost her sight. We did not even notice until the  vet spotted it. It seems this is very common for cats to go blind in old age, and  also very common that their owners don’t realise that the can’t see. Cats map  out their surroundings and hold a map in their heads, which them at the centre  of it. She would happily walk from the bottom of the garden, through the gap in  the little wall between the patio and lawm, enter via her flap, then though the  kitchen door, into the lounge, up the stairs, turn half way up, into the bedroom,  jump up onto the bed and settle down without bumping into anything !  She’s now buried under the pear tree, which was her favourite spot when the  sun was shining and she could warm herself up ! 
Still in a drawer
Heading to the loft
Looking longingly
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