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If you’d like to get in touch, my email address is mail@adrianmugridge,co.uk  However, please don’t bother if you are telling I’ve been left millions of dollars in a will of someone in Nigera I  don’t know, or I’ve won a lottery I’ve never entered or any other such associated shite.   

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I started spending my money on proper cars with a Lotus Esprit, then another, another and finally, another one.   Details of my S3, Turbo, GT3 and Sport 350..
After 4 Esprits I changed 6 years ago and bought myself a Noble M12-3. They are much more modern than the Lotus Esprits and feel much smaller and nimbler ( but in actual fact are almost the same size )...
For 10 years we owned Boo, but she died at the age of 17. Now we have Willow, another female cat, but a totally cat in both appearance and personality...
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